The College library has been computerized providing an easy access for the students to get information on e-materials. The library provides an array of books, magazines, periodical journals and newspapers, both local, National and international. At present, the library has about 5325 volumes covering various fields of study.


There are two hostels- “Spring” for the girls and “Rock” for the Boys, inspired from the natural characteristics of the location, and the positivity it connotes. The hostel can accommodate around 150 Students in total, of which one houses the dining halls that caters to various palates.

In general, the facility such as classrooms, library, and hostels are arguably one of the best in Kohima.

Staff Quarters

Most of the staffs are housed on campus in permanent quarters, thereby enabling the college to function more efficiently.

Games & Sports

So far, the staff and students enjoy the facilities for basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis and badminton. The present land is adequate to establish more facilities for games and sports as well. The multipurpose hall that is also worth mentioning facilitates to some of these activities besides formal programs.

Other facilities

Students and staff can avail the college bus service that operates everyday to and fro Kohima.

The college has its own water source from a perennial stream nearby and its supply is abundant throughout the year.